Penguins By The Sea

I found myself in the southern part of Melbourne this afternoon, and I thought “…screw this. I’m going to go to the beach and find the penguins”.

There’s a small colony of Little Blue Penguins that lives in the rocks of the breakwater in St. Kilda. They’re tiny! The heaviest they get is about 200 grams.


The best time to see them is early morning/late evening, when the day is cool.




It wasn’t all penguins though. It was so wonderful to just be able to sit on the rocks and watch sea birds dive.

Now I’m that kind of sun-baked exhausted that really only comes from a day at the beach.




I love this city.

Speak To The Birds

My dad is really good at catching birds that end up in the house. He just kind of waits until they get so tired from trying to fly out the window that he can just come over and catch them and take them outside.


There was a bird in the house this afternoon, and I was totally going to be all calm, and just wait it out, but then…it had lost about 3/4 of the feathers on it’s neck, and it looked kind of diseased and I really didn’t want to touch it.


I ended up managing to kind of herd it out with the aid of a flapping kitchen towel.

I think both the bird and I ended up a bit traumatized though.

Computer in the Commons

My housemate had an old desktop computer she was willing to contribute to the house as dedicated media machine for the playing of music and the watching of movies.

I booted it up the other day and immediately got SUPER excited, because this baby runs on linux! BOO-YAH!

That being said, it’s running outdated Ubuntu, so I’ve got it updating right now. It’s just…this computer has an 80 gig hard drive.

80 gigs.

I’m pretty sure there are phones with more space then that out now.


It’s crazy how fast things are changing.

Explosions of Coffee

I’m…really not all that knowledgeable about coffee, most likely because I really don’t¬†like coffee all that much, and didn’t drink it until I became a barista here in Melbourne.

That being said, coffee is a pretty standard part of every society I’ve ever lived in. I know about buying beans and grinders, and having a french-press for camping trips…

What I hadn’t ever seen, before I came to Australia, was this:



It’s this kind of coffee brewing invention where the whole thing gets unscrewed

20140413_120908 20140413_121042


The bottom part gets filled with water


and then there’s a colander-like bit


that gets filled with coffee



and then the whole thing gets screwed back together and put on the stove top.

The water boils up through the coffee grounds and then is collected in the top part of the coffee maker.

However, if you aren’t watching your coffee pot, and it boils over, you get a COFFEE EXPLOSION.





The best part of waking up is….

yeah. Really not that.

Responding To Reality

I did this thing that I do sometimes, where I stop reacting to people as they actually are, and I spend energy reacting to the person that I’ve built them to be in my head.

I really need to not do this. It’s hard though, because I don’t always notice that it’s happening.

It’s extremely disheartening on my end, but also, it’s incredibly, amazingly, unflinchingly unfair to the other person.

I am left with all of this disappointment and frustration, and I’m usually inclined to take it out on the person, which is something I am distinctly¬†not allowed to do.

How fucking awful is it to punish someone for not responding as I wanted or expected them to? It’s absolutely unacceptable.

This is something that I’m really trying to combat as I’ve starting maintaining long-distance relationships because of my travels.

People are entitled to react however they want to.

I don’t get to be upset because people don’t follow my own pre-set, idealistic, views of the future.


Deep breath. People are people, they don’t live in my head.

That is, actually what I like about people. They wouldn’t be nearly as awesome if they did what I thought they were going to.

Melbourne Winter

Being in the southern hemisphere means that the seasons are reversed from what I got used to growing up.

It’s April, and instead of “April showers bring May flowers!” It’s more of “April showers mean that summer is over. Prepare yourself for the long, wet, cold of the months to come.”

Which, is perhaps a bit less cheery than the version I learned as a kid.

So…have some songs about rain: