Ill-Advised Walks

I keep deciding to go on walks, which, of course, is nothing new for me.

My work schedule has been a bit strange lately though, so I’m on a bit of a different time scheme than I’m used to, so whenever I get up and I’m like ‘Ahh, yes! Time to go for a walk!’


By that point, it’s… high noon in Texas.

And I really like walking and making questionable decisions, so I always…

choose to go walking.

At noon.

In Texas.


I have started carrying a *very* large water bottle, and I’ll just say that I have reached the point where I have one of the most incredible tan lines I’ve ever acquired, and it’s from the straps of my backpack.



*True* Supplies for University

I went walking through the shops the other day, and I found this:



And, I know it’s probably just the angle I was walking, but I DON’T CARE.


What do I need to take with me to university?





Frustration and Limitation

I want to be able to fix my bike.

I mean, I’m not entirely certain what’s wrong with it, but there’s an entire *internet* out there, with friendly videos and owners manuals and fucking step-by-step walk-through’s on forums run by folks who have done this a million times for their own things.

However, due to my current situation where I am distinctly lacking all tools, I can’t.

I can’t do *anything*.

Except for wait two weeks for the nearest place to have an opening to even *look* at my bike.

I never go *anywhere* without my mulit-tool. And the one time I did, I fucking paid for it, and now I’m stuck.

I’m not used to being in a situation where I lack the *tools* to get the job done.

(Alright. That’s a lie. I am *often* lacking the proper tool for the job. But I almost always have something close enough to work. Or something that I can *make* work, despite how much it’s not actually really supposed to be used that way.

Note: Mutli-tool.)

I’m often lacking, perhaps, the specific knowledge for a project, but I’ve got a decent instinct (or maybe just an unreasonable amount of experience) with taking things apart, and I’ve gotten really quite good at hunting down that knowledge, if I need something more than just what I have learned by dismantling things over the years.

But now I find myself in a situation where all the knowledge in the world doesn’t help, because I can’t *do* anything with that knowledge.


…I miss my tools.

Mis-Read Tea Leaves

Yesterday, I was all ‘IT’S A SIGN! GO ON AN ADVENTURE!!!’


I attempted to go on an adventure.


I got about ten miles out of town, when my bike started slipping out of gear.

I pulled into the nearest place where I thought anyone might now what was going on.

(It was a diesel truck station.)

(I fucking love truckers.)

So, I knocked on their door, said ‘Hey, I know you really don’t do this here, but I my bike is freaking out and I don’t know why. Any chance you could help?’

So, they made a phone call, and sent me next door to meet Manny.

Manny used to ride bikes, back in the day. So, I explained my issue, and then he hopped on the bike, drove it around a bit, and told me that he was pretty sure it was a clutch issue, and my best bet was to take it in, if I couldn’t fix it myself.

Then he gave me the end of his french fries.

(I love truckers.)


So, I got back on my bike, and managed to limp her back home.

I don’t have the tools to give it a go myself at the moment, so I’m going to have to take her in and get her looked at by a professional.


Let’s hope *that* goes well.


In the meantime, I get to rediscover the joys of wandering by foot and by bus.

So, other adventures! Huzzah!

Unexpected Development

I had to go in for a medical exam as part of my progress towards getting a position a cruise ship, and I wound up getting some…not totally great news?

I have somehow managed to give myself a really decent case of scoliosis somehow.

I think part of why this is really upsetting to me is because I don’t actually have any idea of how bad it is yet. To find that out I have to make appointments with specialists and stuff. Which…I will probably do, but in the meantime, all I have to go off of was what showed up on my chest x-ray, which was significantly more than I thought it would be – which isn’t actually saying that much, as I was expecting my spine to be a straight freaking line like it always has been in the past.

I’ve been doing research and adding in stretches and scoliosis-friendly yoga into my life now, but I’m still kind of freaked out about it.

I made some pretty massive changes to my lifestyle in order to pursue my own health.

And I’m not entirely sure what I did to create this issue.

So I’m left in this space where I feel like clearly I was doing the *wrong* things to try and be more active, but also, I’m just not sure what I did to cause the problem.

If there was one thing, then I would be able to directly address the issue.

Right now I sort of feel like I’m floating, and that’s really hard for me. It’s hard for me to pick a direction, when I kind of feel like the last time I tried to pick a direction…I clearly did not enough of a good job with it.


Ah well, I guess. That’s life.