Unwanted Chipmunks

No one asked for them, No one needed them, but here they are:

(That might be a lie. *I* might need them. I just understand that no one else, EVER, wants to listen to this stuff.

Ah, well. My blog, my self-indulgence.)

(That video may or may not have spawned my first-ever Internet Crush back when I was but a wee thing…)

There used to be a version of this that was the clip from the film, and at the end they’re on the roof and they walk up and hug, and for some reason, it was absolutely *hilarious*.


I didn’t post Words of the Week!

(Sorry they’re late!) Words of the Week:


1) Exclamation – an expression of indignation or surprise.

2) Adjective – Lower class, common.


Congeners (or congeners) – Noun

1) A person or thing that is the same type or in the same category as another.

2) A non-alcohol byproduct of the fermentation process.

*Today everything is paraphrased by me, because I can’t be arsed to copy/paste/cite shit right now. Yeah!

Musical Mummification

I put music on my music player…a long time ago. And I didn’t fill it with things I’m particularly *fond* of.

I filled it with things I could play for small children, because I hate children and how the fuck did I end up with two classes of *seven-year-old’s* it’s my worst fucking nightmare, why did I *ever* think that was a good idea?!?!

But I digress.

The point is: now, instead of having a playlist of things I actually, actively could stand listening to for weeks on end…I have

and (by request, as it was one of my students’ MOST FAVOURITE SONG EVER)

Naturally, I had to include all of this


*Goes crazy*

Veins in Red Light

Back in the day; like, *WAAAY* back in the day, when I was practically living in the crappy little tech booth of my high school, I learned that I have really estranged hands.

This was discovered, because we had some incredibly powerful flashlights backstage, so we could find props and people while the show was going.

The’s lights were so bright, they could shine through your flesh.
People would put their hands over the light, and you could see their tendons moving as they flexed their fingers.

It was *amazing*.

This is when I learned that my hands are *weird*. Cool, but also really different from pretty much everybody else.

Tonight, I’m sitting beneath an incredibly bright red light, and I can see my veins through my skin.

I can see them move as I stretch my fingers out.

It’s beautiful.

A New Beach Game

There is a new game to play while walking down the beach.

It has a song with it, that goes to the tune of

The song goes like this:

Is it plastic? Or is it Jelly?

I want to touch it,

but I will not,

’cause is it plastic? Or is it Jelly?

*please not that here, “Jelly” references jellyfish, who are…really fun to poke when they are varieties that are not poisonous and have washed up dead on the beach.

True Irish Lyricism


I would say they’re like an Irish One Republic, except for the lyrics.

The lyrics of this band comes up with..put them on a truly transcendent level.

In fact, I’m going to rank them with “You are on one side, I am on the other, are we divided” Erasure

and “On no baby, we have to talk about it now!” Us5.

That’s right. I present to you

“Where’s the “good” in “goodbye”?
Where’s the “nice” in “nice try”?
Where’s the “us” in “trust gone”?
Where’s the “soul” in “soldier on”?
Now I’m the “lone” in “lonely””

The Script: