Feeling Austin-tatious

Today I hugged a woman who hugged Elijah Wood.

But really, it’s a story about barbecue.

Franklin’s Barbecue is said to be the best in the entire nation of the United States. The wait,  if one gets there when the place opens at noon, is about an hour and a half. If you don’t get up early to wait in line, you might be there for closer to three hours.

Yesterday, Elijah Wood thought this was a good way to spend his time. So did the woman who hugged me. They met in line to eat some Good Ol’ Texan Meat. (Yes, that does deserve capitalization.)

Also; snakes can indeed be killed by their own poison. Their stomachs have properties that neutralize the acid, so a snake cannot be killed by ingesting it’s own poison (or residual poison in prey), however, a snake’s muscle tissue has no such protection, so if a snake bit itself, it would actually die.

Oroborous, in practice, is not a good idea.



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