A Rain of Frogs

I went on a walk today, and I have never seen more frogs in my life. It was incredible! There were frogs that were bigger than my face, there were tadpoles swimming in roadside ponds. There were some that actually made a kind of “eep!” noise when I scared them. (Though I never saw those, so I suppose it could be some kind of other creature that lives in swampy areas and runs from larger animals.)

I think one of the best parts though, was when I was walking a long a path that had marsh on both sides, and as I was waking, there was a storm of frogs leaping into the tall grass away from me. Countless frogs swarming away as I passed by. They were perhaps 1-2 inches, or so, in length. I felt like a harbinger of plague, walking towards my unsuspecting neighbourhood.  The ground looked alive. It was amazing.


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