Country Living

I love living out of town. There are neighbours and stars and things can operate in the currency of borrowed tools and baked goods. Yesterday I got to help pull a girl’s car out of a drainage ditch. Five people helped, and it took us maybe ten minutes to get her back on the road. It was awesome, because it was just people. but the girl was kind of shaken about the whole thing, and we just got her out. No muss, no fuss (and nothing on her driving record).

One of the not-always-so-awesome things about living in the country is spotty internet/cell coverage.
The girl left her phone on the porch after she left. We managed to get a hold of her before she got too terribly far away, but there were a lot of technological dead-ends first.

(Varying internet is also the reason for intermittent posting. I’m trying to work around it, but sometimes it gets frustrating.)


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