Nothing to do with Justin Timberlake

I realized recently that I spend an truly staggering amount of time trying to justify my own existence. I get into a program, then I feel like I have to prove I’m worthy to be there. I land a job and  I spend the whole time freaking out over what it is my employer actually wants me to do. I get into a club and spend the whole time trying to show I belong there.

I am going to try not to do this as much anymore. I don’t need to justify my existence, or my actions. I’m here, because somewhere along the line, things happened, paths opened up, and I was able to get here. I need to stop worrying over whether or not I learned enough lessons on the path that brought me here, because I must have. If I didn’t, I’ll learn those lessons now. I want to stop feeling like my past decisions haven’t been good enough to get me to where I want to go.

My life is awesome. I don’t have many regrets.  I will not live my life like an apology.


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