Sketchy Car is Sketchy

My friend and I  were driving back from picking up a guy from the airport. This guy was an old buddy of my friend and there was this really helpful moment when we were standing by the arrivals gate, and she decided she would go look for him outside. I reminded her that I didn’t know who I was waiting for and she told me to look for a guy who was “kind of tall, with a great smile”.

Very helpful.


Anyway, she found him and we made it back to the car and we started our way back, and when we got on the highway, we saw it: The Sketchiest Car in Texas. It was a little black sedan, and we could only really see the back of it, but that was enough. This car had two license plates – one on top of the other. The top license plate was a black-and-white Texas plate that had come off of one corner and was hanging down, clearly exposing the red-white-and-blue Texas plate hidden beneath. We were going to try for a picture, but the car pulled off the highway at the next exit.

They were clearly on the up-and-up.


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