All in the Timing

I’m not always very good with timing; there have been many times in my life when I’ve wished I had just been a few moments sooner, or a couple of minutes later.

Last night, that was not the case.

Last night, I went into town to go see a movie, and while I was gone a Termite swarm INVADED the house that I was staying in. They came in through the windows and all of the cracks in the house.

I didn’t know this about termites, but after they swarm, they drop their wings, and become just little insectoid bodies that look very maggot-like, and they were absolutely *everywhere*. They become pretty much the definition of “creepy-crawly”.


Not my idea of pleasant.

So my timing was impeccable, and I was not there.



2 thoughts on “All in the Timing

  1. And that is My definition of awesome! Did you recruit some lizzards or amphibians to help with the clean-up?


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