Take me OOOUUUUUT toniiiiiiiight!

(read that in the tune of Out Tonight from Rent)

Last night turned out to be a night out on the town in New Orleans. My friend and I hit the Bourbon Street karaoke bar Cat’s Meow (I truly did want to sing Rent, but karaoke bars typically have very little material from musicals (with the exception of Grease. All karaoke bars seem to have at least three songs from Grease. I don’t understand…)).

I started off the night with some classic Pat Benatar action, my friend rocked it with some Ke$ha. The bar had a game where the first person to be able the artist of a track one free shots. I’m really good at those games.

On the way back, I decided to take the long way back to the flat, and I ran into the Clover St. Grill, where they advertise that they cook their hamburgers under Real American Hubcaps.

I’m not sure why this is a point of advertisement, but I am *so glad* it is. People are fantastic.


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