Patchwork People

Today was a beautiful glimpse of the quilt that makes up this city.

My morning was spent with a man employed as a surgeon learning about sin waves and electric scalpels, discussing behaviour patterns and internet speeds. We talked about how sometimes life collides in a perfect storm to give you everything you need to build a filter for commercials on a VCR. I learned about sound compression and harmonic frequencies, and the relative frequencies of advertising campaigns. We looked at  Pangæa, drawn with modern political borders.

I met with a woman who gave me a tarot card reading, and cleared my chakras.

I met with a couple, who arrived in the city, got off the Greyhound and were robbed at knife-point. My flatmate bought them dinner; I loaned them my computer. We talked about cheap travel, and couchsurfing. We shared stories about the goodness of people and how hard it is sometimes, to just…let people catch you.

When you start to look for the things things that you want, those are the things that you find.

I’m not sure why this is so consistently surprising to me, but I think maybe I’m starting to believe it.

If I look for it, if I ask; I might fall, but the world will catch me.


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