Cue the Fade-Out

Today was my last day in New Orleans. I got to know the French Quarter pretty well during my stay; to the point where I didn’t feel bad attempting to give directions because I was reasonably confident that I actually knew what I was talking about.

Tips for traversing the French Quarter of New Orleans should you find yourself there:

1: For the love of all that is good, don’t bring a car. Everything interesting is within walking distance, and I met many people who knew how to get to their hotel rooms, but not where they parked their cars. I saw cars get towed on an alarmingly regular basis.

2: If you can’t find a street name, follow your feet. The street names have been tiled into the sidewalks at intersections.

3: The giant, lit-up steeple? That’s St. Joseph’s in Jackson square. Between the cathedral, the river and the Superdome, figure out which way you ought to be going.

4: Give in to the crazy. Say hi to the people on the streets. Life is far more fun that way.


It really will help. I promise. 😉




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