An Ode to Cluster-Puff

I love my car. I have a really hard time explaining my relationship with my car to folks who haven’t seen the show Firefly, because then I have to attempt to explain what I mean when I say “Love keeps her in the air”.

My car is the kind of car that I can drive across the country, and two days after I get home three of the tyres will go flat. I can drive her across the mountains and back, and the next weekend, when I have nowhere to be, that’s when she’ll need work.

Her full name is Cluster-Puff the Questing Beast. Cluster-Puff because I was once walking through a store, and there were off-brand pillows with the company name of “Cluster-Puff”, and I thought “Really?!!? Who thought *that* was a good idea?!?! I LOVE IT!!!!”, so she became Cluster-Puff.  She’s a questing beast from when I was in college, and there was an ice storm. I accidentally backed her over a chunk of ice that managed to pop my exhaust pipe out of my muffler and destroy my catalytic converter. I couldn’t get her fixed for a while, so I had a couple of months where even driving through the parking lot, my baby would growl like a *beast*.

She’s also got a rotary engine, which, I learned a few days ago, is the type of engine that gets used when modding cars for street-racing and the like. Apparently, if anyone were ever to convince me to part with my car, I could part it out and make a pretty chunk of change for it.

(Though that would be like Mal parting out Serenity. It just…won’t ever happen.)

I have lived out of my car, she’s taken me to good places, gotten me out of bad places. She’s been an escape, a resource and a friend, and I love her dearly.

We’re planning to spend a whole lot more quality time with each other in the coming weeks, and it’ll be good to get back on the road again.



(Screw what I said earlier. Georgia or Bust!)


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