Tires and Apartments

Yesterday, we were on our way to one of our final Apartment Showings, and we got caught in traffic, which was really not something I was expecting, as it was only four in the afternoon.

There was wreckage from an accident that had happened all across a major intersection, which certainly didn’t help.

It sent us on a bit of a detour to get to the office where we were meeting a woman who would take us around to the apartments we were looking at.

We got in her car, and took off. Back to the intersection where the accident had been.

The car we were in had to turn through the intersection, and it managed to hit a piece of debris. We stopped in front of an apartment we were planning to look at, but realized that one of the tires was deflating.

We ditched the plan of walking through the apartment and instead went with the plan of “can we get this car to a place that’s still open in the next fifteen minutes before business hours are over”.

We managed to be marginally successful. We found a car place that gave us a quick patch-job, and an appointment for a permanent fix the next day.

It ended up being quite an introduction to downtown Minneapolis. Just not one that was included in any kind of plan.


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