Home Town Traditions

Exploring the world is amazing – learning new things, trying new foods, hearing different perspectives.

Sometimes, though…

Sometimes there’s something to be said for having a favourite spot on a favourite hillside, where one can go every year for the best view. It’s knowing where your friends will be, because that’s where they are every year.

It’s knowing that when the same band that’s played the same set for the past fifteen years starts playing Journey’s “Any Way You Want It”, it’s time to wade through the masses of people to find where you left your blanket (because even though their version of “shout” is about eight minutes longer then it needs to be, this way you beat the crowd). It’s already knowing the entire soundtrack that will be used for the evening, but knowing that terrible music doesn’t make GIANT COLOURFUL EXPLOSIONS any less awesome.

Then walking home, and watching the neighbourhoods put on their own shows, and hearing the reports echo off the hills.

Sometimes it’s lovely; the soft, easy familiarity of tradition.

Happy Independence Day, U.S.A.


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