Kitchen Explorations

Last night, there was a good deal of Kitchen Experimentation that happened – namely in the form of pizza. (Which is awesome, because it means that no matter how badly ones experiment goes, the end result will still be *delicious*.)

The crust began as at attempt to create a low-gluten sourdough, which is difficult on many levels, not the least of which being an unfamiliarity with the finer quirks of sourdough. 

The first pizza went in to the oven, and there was a moment of trepidation, when we thought all could be lost because the dough didn’t really dry out properly, and there was a fear that it wouldn’t hold up to the weight of the toppings.

However, after pulling it out of the oven, letting it sit for a while and then putting in back in, we managed to save the first pizza.

It was super tasty. OM NOM NOM.

The second pizza…we got cocky.

We thought we had it all figured out from our mistakes with Pizza 1.

We pulled it out of the oven, let it sit a bit, and then put it back in to the oven. (A note: this probably all could have been avoided if there had been a pizza stone. Or a different cooking method. Or really, there are many ways the following event could have derailed. Alas; they were not…)

The second pizza was not happy being put back in to the oven. It decided to make its displeasure known…by wilting, most admirably. The second pizza had gone back in to the oven without any kind of support structure (read: *pan*) underneath it, so when it decided to flop down on the rack like a surly teenager, it then proceeded to slip through the oven rack.*

We managed to get a pan underneath the drooping pizza to catch the bits as they fell (because aesthetics has absolutely no bearing on taste whatsoever, and that shit is still delicious) and it ended up coming out of the oven looking vaguely like a pile of nachos. We all tried some of our sourdough-nacho-creation. It was, also, super tasty.

We ended up mostly eating Pizza 1. Pizza 2 is destined to get folded in to an eggplant casserole that will most likely get made today. (What is that? More Kitchen Adventures? But of course! AHAHAHAHA!)



*cleaning this rack was actually delightfully easy. It only took about ten minutes of scrubbing.


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