Another Round Won (or Possibly Lost)

Sometimes, I rather masochistically enjoy choosing to make bad decision. The thought process generally goes something like this:

“hmmm. This sounds like a potentially Really Not Great idea.

But it would also most likely be if not absolutely 100% enjoyable, at least an amusing anecdote that could well last the ages.


Bad Idea Vs. Fun: Round 8348,294


The Final Bell rings.

The dust settles.


Fun stands victorious.



I have decided that my hair needs trimming, and who better to undertake this task then the one person most bothered by this- myself!

In the words of the ever-eloquent Regina Spektor: “Maybe you should cut  your own hair, ’cause that can be so funny and it doesn’t cost any money and hair it grows back, hair grows even after you’re dead*.”

Or, to paraphrase an amazing woman I met in North Carolina: “Self Expression is the Best Thing Ever! So why not SHAVE YOUR HEAD?!?**”



* Your hair (and fingernails) do not actually grow after you die. This is a common misconception. What is actually happening is that as the body dehydrates the skin shrinks and recedes, giving the appearance of longer hair and nails.

**Though I will not be shaving my head. I have done that already, and realized that it is entirely too time consuming to maintain a shiny scalp. Seriously. It’s virtually daily upkeep. Also, and entire head’s worth of razor burn is… *not* an entirely pleasant experience.


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