That “Jumping Off a Cliff” Moment

I’m the type who will quite happily procrastinate for…well. Kind of forever. If I can ignore a problem into oblivion, then, hey! I really *didn’t* have to do anything.

Sometimes though, ignoring a problem is more of a statement then I’m willing to make; being that inaction, is, in and of itself, always a choice, and also, oxymoronically, inherently an action.

Letting go of an opportunity, or choosing *not* to act, is an action.

So, sometimes, the consequences of choosing not to act are unacceptable, and one must then…do *something*.

I’ve found that it’s usually quite terrifying, often in an utterly paralyzing way. It’s also amazingly, incredibly rewarding.

The rush of a challenge well met.

I hope to never be done with these challenges. The ones that I have to think about, the ones that I have to face, and then ultimately commit.

It’s rather like cliff jumping.

Not always a good idea; completely freaking terrifying, and always worth doing.


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