Friends and Bad Cooking

There’s something deeply restful about contentment. Last night I found myself on a couch with my two most favourite boys in the entire world. I was on my computer, they were battling it out as Kirby.

We made brownies and a kind of terrible stir-fry…thing

It’s so easy to be happy when the people around are those that you love and trust; those you don’t have anything to prove to, the ones who know your flaws and choose to like you in spite of them.

It’s refreshing, and, perhaps, incredibly freaking necessary. Aside from all that though, it’s just really, really nice, to spend time with friends.


One thought on “Friends and Bad Cooking

  1. Flaws? Why…I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Also that stir fry was delicious. Or maybe I’ve just been living at home for too long…
    I looove youuu~


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