A Tour of Folk

Yesterday I met a lovely woman who is currently going by the name of Kacey. She’s had other names in the past, but this is what she’s using now. Kacey has named all of her dogs after characters from The Lion King. She’s working on moving to the coast so she can teach English to first generation immigrants. She hopes to then use that experience as a springboard to propel her to a situation where she can teach English in South Korea.

Though she also mentioned becoming a Mortician. It’s distinctly not teaching English, but, hey. Embalming dead people is cool too.

Yesterday, I met a delightful boy named Andrew.

He recently graduated from University in Hawaii, with a degree in film. He’s applying for an internship with National Geographic.

We discussed the different cultures of the many iterations of Sherlock Holmes wandering around currently, and I beat him at pool. BOO-YAH! (Beating anyone at pool is always a memorable experience for me…)

Then I got to sit on a back porch, enjoy some home-made mint limeade, and learn a bit about what adventures are to be had around.


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