Starting Fresh (Part 1 -the Technical Side)

Sunday, I got to stay with my uncle Silvercrow, out at his place, on the river, in the hills. The moon was near blinding, and I think the crickets were the size my fist.

I got to do a sweat there – Silvercrow builds sweat lodges out of straw bales, stucco and satellite dishes.

Apparently, the traditional way to heat a sweat lodge is to build a bonfire and heat rocks, which are then brought into the lodge. In areas where open fires can’t always happen…satellite dishes are used.

If I understand correctly, in the case of satellite dish sweat lodges, the fire is built into a well-ventilated metal cylinder that extends into the middle of the hexagonal sweat lodge. The metal cylinder is then covered with rocks. This way, the fire is completely contained within the sweat lodge, so it’s not a fire hazard in the dry scrubland of central Washington.

Technical set up aside, this was an amazing experience.


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