Starting fresh (Part 2)

It’s this incredible, sweltering, breath-stealing heat. The ground was covered with fresh cut evergreen.

I could feel my pulse in my skin, everywhere, it was just heat and breath and heartbeat.

My head was swirling with all of the things I didn’t really know how to say, and there, in the darkness, I was met with the realization of how much it really didn’t matter.

I didn’t need to have the right words because it was just about being. It’s hard to tense up and stress out when all of my thoughts were focused on breathing through the heat.

To finish one round in the sweat lodge, a splash of water is thrown on the rocks with the dedication “One for the door and my ancestors.”

We did a round with just the fire. We did one with eucalyptus – a dedication to my travels. We did a round with sweetgrass, which was one of the most deliciously overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced.

For the door and my ancestors.

Moving forward, but ever accompanied by the past.


One thought on “Starting fresh (Part 2)

  1. Embracing our past helps us know who we are. It is all these things and all these people that make us who we are and what we might become.Carry that forward, remember the best times, use the worst times, make the future great! “one for the door and my ancestors!”


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