Sunset and Poetry

Last night, I got to go out on a yacht, into the Puget Sound.

We had hot dogs, potato salad, and apple pie.

We watched the sun go down. We watched seals play in the harbour. I got to steer the boat into the marina at the end of the night.

It all started at the poetry slam on Monday night. I was talking with a man from the poetry group about the latent apathy of people; about how many people would choose to stay inside with the internet and a television instead of going out to make connections with people and experience new things.

He pointed an accusing finger at me and said “As if you’re any better! If I invited you to dinner on my yacht tomorrow night would you go?”

To which I replied “…YES.”

So five of us from the poetry slam ended up having a picnic of sorts on the yacht Astrid on the ocean, watching the sun set and the full moon rise.

My life is magic.


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