Some Dreams Are Not Prophecies

I had a dream last night that I was in Spokane with a group of people from my high school and it was that vaguely awful kind of awkward of spending time with people that you aren’t really friends with.

I spend a good deal of time searching through my backpack for my plane ticket. When I found it, I realized that my flight wasn’t leaving from Spokane.

It was leaving from Walla Walla and I did not have a car and I did not have enough time to get there before the plane took off, to say nothing of getting through security.

Still, I had to try. This flight is the only plan I’ve got. There is no backup, no plan B.

I could only take what I had with me, that I could carry and fit with me. I ended up ditching 3/4 of my stuff and sticking my thumb out on the side of the highway. A friendly, heavyset man with a half-moon mustache picked me up. He was willing to drive me straight to the airport, after he heard my story.

We got on the road and I woke up. It was highly disconcerting.

I have decided, however, that this dream happened like a sacrifice. I had to go through all of the awful of having everything fall apart, in my head, so I could simply wake up and make absolutely none of those mistakes, and have none of those things happen *outside* my head.
I am okay with this.

2 thoughts on “Some Dreams Are Not Prophecies

  1. Sometimes I sit and imagine WORST-case scenarios, and for a moment I get nervous, then I shrug it off because I know that when I imagine those awful things, they never happen. It’s hard to explain, but somehow this negative practice often helps me feel a little more confident.


    • I think I kind of know what you mean. It’s sort of like by spending energy on imagining a situation that’s impossible to get out of, any current situation seems a lot more do-able.


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