New Friends in Expected Places

While waiting in line at The King’s Arms Tavern for the doors to open for Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra, I made some concert friends.

Concert friends are amazing.

They are the wonderful people who hang out with you in line before the show. They are the ones who take up extra space when someone needs to go to the bar or the bathroom, so you have a spot when you get back. They are the ones who make sure you have a ride home when you’ve stayed out far past the hour when the bus service ends, but the band hasn’t come out yet.


In the line, I learned that there is a dutch word that for “the act of getting cozy”: hyggelig. (Seriously, google that one. It pulls up some really interesting stuff.)


There was also the creation of two bands. The first being “Loitering With Intent” which could be anywhere from Indie to Punk on the Rock Scale, and they would kick off their career with a first album entitled “Vague Mob”.

The second band would be a college/garage band called “Squids and Shit”, their first album would be called “AcaDEEMia”.


And then there was an *amazing* concert.

Good night, my friends. It was a very good night.


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