Sailing a Small World

This morning I left Auckland to head north, where I’ll be staying with a couple who only recently moved to land after living mostly on a 48-foot sailboat for the past several years.

I managed to get to my bus a good…five minutes before it left, but there was magically still a window seat open, so it was all good.

At first I was the only person in my row, but then, about 30 minutes into the ride, the bus stopped, picked up more passengers, and I got to have a lovely seat-buddy.

My seat-buddy happened to be a lovely woman who, strangely, happened to know someone who knew someone who was able to get her on, last-minute, a New Zealand Air Force plane carrying to Prime Minister from Fiji to New Zealand.

She was in Fiji preparing to go sail 1,800 miles because she…also spends her life on a boat.

After a bit of conversation, we realized that the people I was going to stay with are actually dear friends of hers. She told me stories of boating from New Zealand to Fiji with the people I’m staying with.


Now we’ve hatched a plan and I get to have dinner on a yacht with my new friend from the bus, and the lovely couple I’m staying with.

It’s a small world, but it sure is a good one.


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