Five Years Time

I’ve been asked recently “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

I didn’t really havea good answer, at the time, because where I see myself isn’t a place. It’s not a job or a proper situation.

I have a hope, and it’s one I think I can achieve.

Where will I be in five years?

Happy, I hope.

Whatever that may be.

I want to find somewhere that I can proudly be from. I don’t want to hedge and give generalities. I want to find a place that I am willing to claim, wholly.

I’m currently in the process of figuring out what that means.

So far, I think that it means community; where folks help each other out, and people end up bringing things back from every trip to the dump, because it’s really more of a trading post. Or even just an apartment building, where I know that I can call a neighbour for a cup of sugar, or for a movie night in or for a girl’s night out.

I think it means a big enough space that every day I can walk outside and see something new, whether that’s a person I’ve never met, or a bird I’ve never seen before.

What I’m looking for is less of a place, and more of a culture.

I want to find a place where “You’re such a freak” sounds exactly the same as “I love you.”



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