Building My Own Canoe

There is a parable of sorts about a man who is building a canoe. He starts out with his log, and a warrior comes by who says that a good canoe needs to be slim and quick, in order to sneak up on enemies. A hunter comes by and says that canoes must be wide and stable, to hold a good catch. More and more people come by, and they all have different ideas about what a good canoe is. The canoe builder tries to use all of the ideas, and, to paraphrase, ends up with a really shitty canoe.

So, after the first attempt, he ignores all of the people walking by, saying that before he tried to build everyones canoe. This time, he is building his own.

When I first started my Vision Quest, I was following in the footsteps of all of the beautiful people who inspired me, who helped me believe that I was  even capable of trying such an endeavour.

I was following in their footsteps so closely that I was no longer making my own way.

I kept getting tangled up, because I didn’t understand where the path was going.

It wasn’t my path, so that kind of makes sense.

Now I’m back to the actual purpose of a Vision Quest; I’m remembering and discovering my own strengths, and those are my tools.

I can’t do the things that other people can do, and that’s alright.

Nobody wants me to be somebody else, (and if they do, then I certainly don’t need them), I don’t want to be somebody else.

Another overly-trite saying:

“If I am being somebody else, who is being me?”

And that’s what I’m hoping to remember.


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