Last Night, I Had a Dream

Last night I had a dream where James bond and the MI6 doctor, who was conveniently played by Karl Urban ended up on a quest to jump around through space-time to make sure that they would always be involved in the life of one Miss Eve Moneypenny.


Unfortunately, while they were on this adventure, they were also being chased by folks who wanted to stop them – namely Agent Smith from the Matrix.


Also, there were aliens (ala Men In Black) who were made of Manua gum (which is a New Zealand thing, but this stuff was apparently from New Orleans), which is meant that they were giant gummy-bear lookin’ critters, who only wore fedoras.


James Bond, the doctor, and Moneypenny had gotten trapped in a secret back room in a really dark kind of not-hotel, sometime in the 60’s or 70’s, and they were trapped in a room with a jelly-alien, and then I woke up.




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