Tragedy Has Struck

This morning, there was a National Tragedy for New Zealand…that took place in San Fransisco Bay.

After 17 races, fraught with wind delays and weather cancellations, The America’s Cup, was, sadly, kept by Ellison (the Billionaire Dickrag) and his Team Oracle U.S.A.*

Unfortunately, Oracle thoroughly trounced the Kiwi team this morning, winning by 700 meters.

I watched the final race in a coffee shop, surrounded by folks in red socks (the New Zealand good luck charm for this race, apparently), who were swearing quite prolifically and sharing some genuinely uncharitable thoughts (“Oh, can’t the mast just…fall off or something?” “Maybe someone will fall off the boat!”)

Honestly, I think it’s really too bad that the New Zealand team didn’t win back the cup, because really…the U.S. doesn’t care.

Here, the America’s Cup is the headline, with a full page spread of skipper Dean Barker, on the way to the final race. I think in the states, the only comment anyone has really had is that it’s dragged on for about twice as long as was originally planned.

Having the America’s Cup in New Zealand would have meant a refurbished harbour in Auckland, and a significant amount of tourist interest generated.

In the U.S.A., I think the only person benefiting is the team owner, Ellison, who has poured over a billion dollars into winning this title.

So… a sad day for New Zealand, and a good day for a smarmy, asshole billionaire.

Sounds like business as usual. :/


*This so-called “U.S.” team has, I think only one U.S. citizen on the boat, and they kicked him off after not winning during the first week of racing. Oh yeah. Feel that National spirit. >.<


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