Paused Brain Syndrome

My brain has been put on pause, and I’ve managed to misplace the remote.

This is exceedingly unfortunate, as , In the way of that whole “Newton’s Law/ conservation of energy” thing, it always seems more difficult to get going again, after I’ve found myself in stasis.

I’m not very good at down-time. I find that I never quite know what to do with myself.

I’m pretty good at managing to fill up my life, so often I don’t really *have* downtime; however, this also means that I am less accustomed to coping with said downtime.

Often, my response is to eat copious amounts of ice cream.

I am currently trying to remove that response from my playbook-of-life, and have found myself somewhat at a loss for finding new coping methods.

This leads me to conclude that I should learn how to just get over it, and figure out some kind of manual override for my Paused Brain Syndrome, but I certainly didn’t manage that today.


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