One Thing

I want to do… a lot of things in my life. I want to do far more things than I am likely to actually accomplish. I’m alright with this.

It’s impossible to go in every direction.

(I’m pretty sure that trying to go in every direction is the definition of going in circles.)

I think the fear that I’m fighting with right now is that the direction I’m going to pick… won’t be good enough.

It’s not so much an idea of going in the wrong direction, as I’m quite familiar with a compass rose, and nowhere is there a “wrong” direction*.

It’s the knowledge that to get anywhere I must pick a direction and commit to it, and in committing, I am inherently…not going in any of the other possible directions.

So, wherever I end up choosing to go – it doesn’t have to be The One True Path (I really don’t think there is such a thing) – but it does have to be fulfilling enough to justify not having gone a different way.

I think maybe that’s one of those decision-things that doesn’t ever go away. Weighing options to try and choose the road with the most potential.

*Really. I promise that’s now what the giant “W” means.


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