Spoiled By Postage

In honour of the insanity of furloughs, I thought I would share some feelings one of the most beautiful, most overlooked details of the United States government:

The Post-Card Stamp.


Post card stamps are wonderful. They cost lest then a regular stamp, because a post-card is easier to ship than a letter.

A postcard is a single, thick-ish piece of paper. It’s not big. It’s not folded. It’s not really big enough for profound thoughts.

It’s sort of like a really old-school version of Twitter.

The United States government recognized that and thought “hey, why don’t we make a convenient option for folks who aren’t going the full-blown mail route? Something simpler, cheaper and more suited to their needs?” (Where has *this* thinking gone, dear government?)

A stamp for a proper letter is currently 45 cents.

A stamp for a postcard is only 33 cents.

Perhaps a small difference, but when one is in a different place with a list of say…30 people to send postcards to, suddenly that little bit is adding up fast.


This bring us to a new comparison –

New Zealand stamps.

New Zealand stamps are two dollars each. (Okay, so they’re only $1.90, but still…)

If one has that same list of 30 people to send postcards to…

suddenly even 45 cents is looking like a beautiful, wondrous paradise…


So, in conclusion:

Why must international post be so expensive?

(Sadness abounds within my heart every time I walk by a post office…)


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