Hop to Hastings

So…all that talk of heading South…

Psych! really I’ve gone back north now (it gets colder in the south. No megusta. So done with that.)

I’m currently with a wonderful couple in the town of Hastings, which is just a skip up from Napier, but a bit more busy, which will be nice.

So far this evening I’ve found out that Corned Beef & Collie is a classic Australian dinner. (Perhaps an Aussie equivalent of Bangers & Mash? Perhaps…)

We also managed to oust a mouse, (which was really quite a relief, because I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared to stay with another set of people who choose to befriend the mice living in their home. (Diseases people! Seriously! Mice vector so many diseases.) I don’t want to feed a mouse food that I could have eaten. Mice can find plenty of food outside. (I could also, probably find food outside, but people have invented refrigerators, and I feel like I would be doing human ingenuity a disservice to not take advantage of certain technologies. Also, I like a full cellar, and I’ve usually paid to fill it. I’m a bit possessive like that.) I don’t want to make friends with mice living in my house. I’m usually quite friendly, but…only to certain species. (Even if there was a Bathroom Mouse.  He was eventually ousted as well.))

It was also nice, because I was not particularly in charge of mouse-ousting, because… I’ve done my time as a Mouse Wrangler. It was vaguely traumatizing.


We may or may not have had cheese for dinner in an ironic celebration.

I’m so excited about life right now.


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