Adventures in Paragliding.

Today, I got a hands-on adventure in para-gliding. Para-gliding is not like hang-gliding. To paraglide, the actual sail must inflate first, sort of like a kite, and then it lifts you off the ground. It’s like how you always imagined that holding onto an umbrella would lift you up, and fly you off. A paraglider essentially finds a wind, and allows it to lift them up into the sky.

Often, this is done on kind of a soft rolling hill, so the person can get a bit of a running-start at it. I was on Te Mata Peak, and if a person tried to get a running start, they would end up running off a cliff*. It’s really not advisable.



Okay, so maybe not this hands-on




But. Y’know. No complaints, really.


Next time, though.



* Hang-gliding, however, does have a running start, and Te Mata Peak actually has two different runways (so folks can catch wind from different directions) for hang-gliders to run off.


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