Exploring Cultural Touchstones

This afternoon, I spent about five hours sitting in a room with all of the blinds drawn. I was with a wonderful woman who is old enough to be my grandmother.

Yesterday, she learned that I had never seen Gone With The Wind.

Today, she fixed that situation.

This movie is so long, it doesn’t fit on a single dvd. (The only other thing I’ve ever encountered like that is the extended edition of the Lord Of The Rings films, and I feel like that’s different, because watching the extended edition is a choice. If one wants to watch Gone With The Wind…there’s just four hours of it to be seen.)

We used the ever-so-handy intermission to make up a new pot of tea. It was wonderful.

It was interesting, because for all that I know a pretty good deal of trivia about it (seriously, this movie was so influential, both culturally and to the film industry) I really had pretty much no idea what it was about.

I didn’t read the book. I never needed a plot summary. When there were plot twists, I was really surprised.

(I also kind of wanted to punch Scarlet in the face every time she said “Oh, Ashley!”, but I think that’s a different issue…)

It may have been five hours in a chair, but it was also an afternoon very well spent.


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