Packing for the Unknown

Tonight, I am packing for the unknown.

I mentioned earlier that I was following up a lead for a job as a crew member on a sailboat.

I am leaving tomorrow for Fiji (which is kind of interesting, because back in the ‘States, it seems to be pronounced pretty universally as “FEE-jee” and here in New Zealand it sounds more like “fi-JEE”.) where I will be meeting up with the Delamer.

She’s a 44 ft. Ketch, and I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m sort of terrified, and I am so, so, *unspeakably* happy.

I’m packing for Fiji, and I’m packing for the ocean, and I’m packing for being on 40 feet of wood and steel for a fortnight.

So. It’s a bit of a cliff, but I’ve already jumped off.

Equal parts terror and elation.

I can’t wait.


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4 thoughts on “Packing for the Unknown

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAVE FUN SAILING/ON FIJI (Daily GRIND). i expect this means your virtual absence for at least a fortnight.


    • It would mean a virtual absence, but I’ve written some things, and set them to post, so you’ll still be bothered by constant updates. They just might not be as directly applicable to the exact current happenings of my life.

      I couldn’t leave you all alone for an unknown amount of time. You’d miss me. (Admit it.)


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