Marking Change

My plan was to just throw up old work as a bit of filler there is no oceanic internet, so I was going to set daily posts of old work.

It’s interesting, because I keep thinking that maybe I want to post some poetry here, but then I go back and read it and I realize that…I’m not there anymore.

It’s good, because I know those feelings, and I wrote those words in honesty, but they aren’t where I am *now*, which is what I’m trying to share with this blog.

This is supposed to be a checkpoint, changing with me as I move through life.

I thought I would have all of these things to put up, that I could show as works that represent me, but I don’t.

I have all of these things that represent where I was.

I guess I’ll have a few weeks of time to write some new things. It’ll be good.

(I’ll do my best to keep the updating as regularly as possible, but there are three gods on the ocean: Time, Tide and Weather. Everything depends on them.)


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