Fiji Day

So, I arrived in Fiji yesterday, on Wednesday, the 9th of October.

Fiji Day is the 10th of October. It’s a national holiday. All government offices are closed (so we can’t get any legal work done towards shipping out), so… celebration it is!


Apparently there’s going to be a brilliant market in a park, and this evening we’re going to go to a traditional smoke-pit dinner; the kind where they bury seven pigs and then roast them all day in banana leaves.


Or something.


I will report more, once I’ve actually gone. 😉

Today is going to be *AWESOME*.


2 thoughts on “Fiji Day

  1. Kalua noms, I’m so jealous sitting here eating my pasta from a box because I’m lazy and have to work tonight. I do expect full food reports =)


    • There was roasted chicken, which was delicious. There was a fish adobo -thing (I think?) and it was super delicious.
      There was this dish, and I don’t remember what it was called, but it was spiced lamb wrapped in taro leaves, and it was delicious.

      There was also this banana thing, I think it was called Veseveki or something, and it was like, fried banana in coconut milk or something? Only, I don’t think it was coconut milk, ’cause it didn’t really taste like coconuts, but it was buttery and creamy and sweet and so *so* good. 😀

      For breakfast I had a papaya. And a guenava, also known as a soursop.

      I love food.


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