Fiji Air

Fiji Air might just be the most accommodating airline I’ve ever encountered. Seriously, the food is recognizable, there is complimentary beer and wine, and after you’ve eaten, they give you ice cream.

They actually came around and hand out ice cream bars to everyone.


The only downside to Fiji air is that they might, on occasion, take their attentive nature a bit too far.

I was at a hostel in Auckland, hoping to get maybe a decent night of sleep before hopping on a plane and flying off to Fiji.

I went to bed around midnight.

My phone rang at 12:32.

It took me a moment to realize that it was, in fact, *my* phone ringing, as there are, I think, three people who know my phone number? None of whom would be up at midnight, as they’re all the  working types who sleep when it’s dark and work when it’s not.

So, I ignored it.

Then it rang again.

I picked it up because I figured that it most be important seeing as how A) they were willing to call at midnight and B) they were willing to call until someone picked up.

It was Fiji Air. They were calling to let me know that my flight time had changed. My flight was no longer scheduled to leave at 5:10, but was instead going to be departing around 5:25.

An incredibly important fifteen minute distinction, when it’s already suggested to get to the airport three hours early.

I mumbled something like “Yes, alright. Thank you, I’ll be there.” before hanging up, wondering ‘what the hell?’ and going back to sleep.


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