Questions on Leadership

In virtually all of the long-standing institutions of Vaguley-Creepy-Semi-Cult-Like Clubs That Small Children Can Join, there is some kind of an oath, about morals or values or ethics.

“I will be strong, thrifty, clean, reverent and brave!”

“I will be honest and fair, friendly and helpful…”

And they all seem obsessed with churning out little leaders. I’m not really sure why this is inherently considered a good thing.

It’s a question for getting into Universities. It’s on job applications.

Why does being  “a leader” make someone better? It seems to me that people are so focused on trying to lead, that no one is learning to listen. Shouldn’t teamwork perhaps be more important? Shouldn’t there be more value placed in being able to work with people, rather than directing them?

Maybe leadership just doesn’t mean the same thing that it used to.

Or, maybe it’s just that I’m into a different kind of leadership than the stuff that seems to get people badges.

There’s the kind of leadership that comes from wanting to control outcomes, the kind found competitions of cookie sales and pushing people in front of buses.

There’s the kind of leadership that comes from doing whatever it is that you’re doing, and letting people choose to follow you if they want to.

One of these things is taught. The other one is….usually not called leadership.


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