Back In The U.S.S.R.

– er. Wait. I mean…Totara North…

I’m back with my wonderful friends in Totara North for a little while. Last night was Pub Night, so I got to say hello to everyone.  This weekend is labour day in New Zealand, so it’s a long weekend, and I’m really excited because the current plan is to go out on the lovely lady Gannet.

I love travelling and meeting new people, but sometimes it’s just really wonderful to relax a bit and go somewhere familiar. I get a bit of a break from trying to figure out how to integrate myself into someone else’s life, because I’ve already learned the rhythm of things here. I don’t need to ask where things are in the kitchen, because I already know how it’s laid out.

It feels sort of like I’m getting to sleep in instead of getting up when the alarm goes off, and I’m really quite alright with that.


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