Afflicted By Pox

Let us, for a moment, discuss one aspect of New Zealand that is truly anything but pleasant:

Sand Fleas.

They are horrible little black biting insects that seem to exist in every picturesque place where one might like to sit and contemplate.

Sand fleas also seem to be particularly fond of me. Their bites leave red welts, and I rather look like I should be placed in quarantine somewhere. Additionally, the bites itch like with an ongoing intensity that makes them most unpleasant. It’s more than a bit ridiculous.

There is a preventative measure, thankfully. If one liberally coats their skin in the household-favourite medical-grade disinfectant Dettol,


the smell will quite effectively deter horrible blood-sucking insects. It simply causes a person to smell rather like they’ve been bathing in cleaning products, but I find it quite preferable to donating measurable quantities of blood to the local insect population.


Bring out your dead!


2 thoughts on “Afflicted By Pox

    • Well, if I’m popular, don’t I get to make completely frivolous and arbitrary rules about those who are allowed in my crew?

      New Rule for the Popular Club:
      No Blood Sucking Parasites.


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