Magic Street

So, I think the street I live on is actually…magic?

Every time I leave I find something new. Today, I went for a walk and I met this amazing woman who worked as a member of an artists consortium, who pointed me towards some truly awesome music, and fire dancers.

I also met a man who fixes accordions. I’m pretty sure he’d be willing to teach me more, if I asked. I mentioned that I’d fixed an accordion before and he seemed quite interested. I’m planning to go back next week and see if maybe I could spend some time in his shop learning the ways of the accordion. Maybe  I could trade working hours for lessons. That seems fair to me.

I also found the most amazing smoothie shop I think I’ve ever been to.

I love this city.


A Rambling Tale of Melbourne

Sometimes, my life takes a turn for the theatrical, (shocking, I know, being as I am clearly shy, introverted, and demure in all of my dealings with people) and moments start to line up.

This morning, I was (thankfully) woken by a new friend, who was coming by the house so we could walk to work together. Apparently I was so tired last night that I forgot that ever-important step of  actually turning *on* my alarm. She knocked on my door at 6:15, and we were out the door by 6:30.

Neither of us had change for the bus fare though, so we started our journey and the gas station (here called a “servo”). We then proceeded to have a truly bizarre  woman at the servo then inform us that we needed to remember to cherish each moment, because it could very well be our last.

After that, we walked to the station to catch the train. Then we got a bit lost, and ended up on the wrong train line, but strangely, closer then we would have been to where we wanted to go, which was sort of foreshadowing for the rest of the day.

After work was over, we lost our bus stop, and ended up just kind of…going for a walk. When we finally found the bus we were supposed to be on, it was about 6:30 in the evening. We were starving at this point, so I was taken to a local hang-out, called “Lentil As Anything”, which is full of people and warmth and good food. It’s all family-style, so we got to meet a delightful Australian guy named Andy, whose brother was doing his first-ever shift as a waiter there. It was brilliant fun.

I then proceeded to miss my transfer on the train, and ended up getting home at 9:30 P.M.

A bit of a long day, but a magical one.

Trashleigh Does Disney…on the bus!

Today, I was with Nate on the bus back from work, and on stepped a lovely woman with bright, multi-coloured hair, and a ukulele slung over her shoulder. There weren’t a lot of seats on the bus, so she sat across from me.

I asked her if she was willing to play something. As it turns out, she had her uke on her so she could practice her set for a local cabaret that she was taking part in. Her stage name for it was “Trashleigh”, and it she was performing classic Disney songs she had re-written to be about…less than Disney situations. “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid became a hilarious song about an unfortunate and stubborn skin rash that just would not go away. “When You Wish Upon A Star” became a song about ditching a terrible ex.

She had the most delightful soprano voice, sitting there, in the back of the bus, playing ukulele.

Life is *Awesome*.

Job: Found

Today, I went back to work on a conveyor belt. It’s been a while since I had a conveyor belt posting, and I have sunk happily back into my Rosie The Riviter mindset.

I have acquired a casual job labelling strawberry punnets for a little local packing shop. There are three of us involved, mostly. The team consists of Nathan – an Australian bloke who is a *crazy awesome* D.J. for his other job and must occasionally gallivant off to go film music videos and things, Jenny, a terrific Greek woman who is the mother of the crew, and myself.

Together, we fight crime!


…or stick bar codes on plastic clamshell boxes.

Y’know. Whatever.

Thornbury Local

Tuesday is Trivia Night at the Thornbury Local, a cozy little shop not far from my place. They serve drinks, but also some of the most interesting pizza I have ever encountered.

Want a “tropical” pizza? Forget Canadian Bacon and Pinapple! Try mango and jalapeno! (The ladies on my team weren’t up for that though, so instead we split an eggplant pizza with kalamata olives and a pumpkin pizza with gorgonzola. There really weren’t any bad choices…)

My team was made up of my flatmate and her friend, and all together… we pretty much royally sucked at Pub Quiz night. However, my intention is to find a team that is in need of one person, so I can have a pub-quiz-crew, and we will meet once a week and bask in mutual awe at the depth of the random, (useless), ridiculous information that we all have swimming in our heads. I am not entirely certain how, but I promise this will come to fruition.

Rather Rewarding

I feel like I get a prize every single time I leave my flat. I step out the door, and then, suddenly *magic* happens!
I have already managed to have the small-town experience of running into someone that I know in the store. We’ll ignore the fact that I know about seven people in all of Melbourne. (I also seem to have somehow acquired the nickname of “Washington”, which does make sense, as that is the place that I am from, and there are really not that many Washingtonians to be found wandering about the streets of Melbourne. I picked it up for the first time at the Vineyard in Masterton, and then it strangely seems to have followed me here.)
I went for a wander, and everywhere I look is art. It’s so beautiful. Graffiti crawls up the sides of the buildings. There is so much colour here. It’s a living city, and I’m can’t wait to see what it has to teach me.
Later, I was walking by a church that has been converted into a performance space, and there was live music and contra dancing.
After dark, I went out, and there was a man dressed as Captain Hook showing a woman how to use a giant brass looking-glass.
I love this city.

Day of the Doctor

This morning,  I got up stupidly early, went out into the rain,  and walked for just over an hour to reach one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever witnessed in a movie theatre. The nmber of scarves alone was a staggering,  awe-inspiring thing. There were waistcoats, pocket watches, sonic screwdrivers and a living mass of Police-Public-Call-Box Blue. There were stovepipe hats and an entire crew of cat-nuns, just chillin’ at the coffee shop before the theatre opened. I felt a bit under-dressed, having shown up in my practical,  puddle-proof shoes, but I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world I would rather have been.

No regrets. Just the Doctor.  😀

settling in Down Under.

I have almost finished building my nest in Oz. I’m so close to everything.  I took some time today to wandrr around and get a bit lost, so I’m right on track for figuring out where things are.

I went to the Museum today.There’s an exhibit celebrating the style that has emerged after fifty years of James Bond. Ahh… the epitome of culture (otherwise known as a truly astonishing collection of spectacularly skimpy bikinis).

However, this museum is also home to one of the most beautiful signs I’ve ever seen:




I have finally managed to move to a place where I am gifted with civilization. To celebrate this new and beautiful developement in my life…

I’m going to see Day of the Doctor at the local art theatre as it’s simulcast in 3-D.

I love cities.

I don’t need a car! I can walk to an art theatre where they show things like live recordings of British theatre, and, y’know. Doctor Who. 😀

I don’t have to drive for twenty minutes to reach a grocery store. There’s one about…two blocks away. There are so many people, and there’s so much to do! There’s an aquarium, there are art galleries, I’m going to a comedy show tonight with my lovely, wonderful flatmate.

A new chapter has begun. I am so excited.

Checking Off The List

Yesterday was my last day on a bus in New Zealand. I sat next to a wonderful woman named Pauline. I mentioned that I had been given a list of “Thing One Must Try Whilst In New Zealand”, and that I hadn’t managed to check off either Jelly-tips or Chocolate Fish.

She decided to fix the situation. For dinner, she bought me ice cream and chocolate-coated marshmallow fish.

It was beautiful (and a nutritional black hole, but hey, some things have to be done…).

After she got off the bus, the driver let me sit up in the jumpseat. I got to personal commentary for the land of New Zealand, brought to me by a man who drives it every day. He pointed out corrugated metal creatures that speckled the countryside, and I got the most incredible views of the sunset.

Tomorrow: Melbourne!