So I’ve managed to get myself quite securely stuck in the center of a storm that would have a name like “Too Much of a Good Thing”.

After a bit of a whirlwind weekend, covering pretty much the entire length of the North Island, I found myself in the small river-town on Wanganui.

I was quickly adopted by some wonderful folks, with a wonderful treehouse in one of the oldest trees in town that just happens to be planted in their front yard (they figure it to be a bit over 200 years old).

I got to crash a class on Horticulture, and I know feel very secure in calling myself a Plant-Pricking Expert, which is awesome.

New Skill: Acquired.

New Skill: Mastered.

Now, I’m back to throwing darts at a map, figuring out where to go next. I could head East to a Vineyard, South to Musical Theatre, or West to a River Adventure company.

Or I could stay here and try to catch a kiwi. (Apparently they end up in the garden a lot here.)

If only I had my trusty 4-sided die with me.

Ah, well. Tonight I’m going to enjoy the rain that comes with this storm, and tomorrow I’ll figure out which way I’m going to get out of it.


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