My Busted Mental Radio

I’ve been working in the vineyard all day, which I want to say was completely spectacular in every way, except…

I kept getting camp songs stuck in my head.

I’m out there, by myself, thinning out grapes, and in my head is this loop of “Alice the camel has…10 humps!”

Or songs about Oyster Stew. Or Veggie Stew. Or What To Do in an English Garden. Or a song about Smelly Trees.


I keep trying to think of better songs. Songs that I’m learning to play on guitar, songs that I’ve learned recently from the New Zealand top 40 stations, songs I’ve discovered from friends.

I’ll get about halfway through before they just…transform.


Curse you, Camp Songs! Curse your insidious, infectious, up-beat, simplistic repetition! Curse your inane lyrics with questionable rhyme schemes and arbitrary rhythmic styles! How dare you do this to me! Crawling into my brain and carving out permanent structures there, so no matter how long ago I left your homeland…you will never leave! 

Curse you!

Curse you!


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