By Train, By Bus, By Plane

Today, I am getting on a train (Yes! I love trains! The one I’m on follows the river and goes through mountains and I am so excited!) that will take me all the way down to the bottom tip of the North Island.

Then I get on a bus that will take me all the way back up to Auckland.

It’s only a fifteen hour travel day… but I have a bed waiting for me on the other side, so it seems distinctly less daunting than the last time I got on a bus. Then the plan was “Well. I’m going to show up, and hopefully I can figure something out, because it’s rather cold and wet at night, and I truly am much happier in a bed then on a bench.”

Though it all turned out for the best, I think that this will be a significantly less stressful bus ride.

It’s also my last time on a bus in New Zealand for the time being, so I hope to continue my trend of meeting brilliant people.

On to the future!


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