Rather Rewarding

I feel like I get a prize every single time I leave my flat. I step out the door, and then, suddenly *magic* happens!
I have already managed to have the small-town experience of running into someone that I know in the store. We’ll ignore the fact that I know about seven people in all of Melbourne. (I also seem to have somehow acquired the nickname of “Washington”, which does make sense, as that is the place that I am from, and there are really not that many Washingtonians to be found wandering about the streets of Melbourne. I picked it up for the first time at the Vineyard in Masterton, and then it strangely seems to have followed me here.)
I went for a wander, and everywhere I look is art. It’s so beautiful. Graffiti crawls up the sides of the buildings. There is so much colour here. It’s a living city, and I’m can’t wait to see what it has to teach me.
Later, I was walking by a church that has been converted into a performance space, and there was live music and contra dancing.
After dark, I went out, and there was a man dressed as Captain Hook showing a woman how to use a giant brass looking-glass.
I love this city.

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