Thornbury Local

Tuesday is Trivia Night at the Thornbury Local, a cozy little shop not far from my place. They serve drinks, but also some of the most interesting pizza I have ever encountered.

Want a “tropical” pizza? Forget Canadian Bacon and Pinapple! Try mango and jalapeno! (The ladies on my team weren’t up for that though, so instead we split an eggplant pizza with kalamata olives and a pumpkin pizza with gorgonzola. There really weren’t any bad choices…)

My team was made up of my flatmate and her friend, and all together… we pretty much royally sucked at Pub Quiz night. However, my intention is to find a team that is in need of one person, so I can have a pub-quiz-crew, and we will meet once a week and bask in mutual awe at the depth of the random, (useless), ridiculous information that we all have swimming in our heads. I am not entirely certain how, but I promise this will come to fruition.


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