Job: Found

Today, I went back to work on a conveyor belt. It’s been a while since I had a conveyor belt posting, and I have sunk happily back into my Rosie The Riviter mindset.

I have acquired a casual job labelling strawberry punnets for a little local packing shop. There are three of us involved, mostly. The team consists of Nathan – an Australian bloke who is a *crazy awesome* D.J. for his other job and must occasionally gallivant off to go film music videos and things, Jenny, a terrific Greek woman who is the mother of the crew, and myself.

Together, we fight crime!


…or stick bar codes on plastic clamshell boxes.

Y’know. Whatever.


2 thoughts on “Job: Found

    • I’m glad you got the card.

      I’m really excited about having a job. I’m still looking for something a bit more permanent and less “casual”, but it’s so good to have something to do in the meantime. 🙂


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