Trashleigh Does Disney…on the bus!

Today, I was with Nate on the bus back from work, and on stepped a lovely woman with bright, multi-coloured hair, and a ukulele slung over her shoulder. There weren’t a lot of seats on the bus, so she sat across from me.

I asked her if she was willing to play something. As it turns out, she had her uke on her so she could practice her set for a local cabaret that she was taking part in. Her stage name for it was “Trashleigh”, and it she was performing classic Disney songs she had re-written to be about…less than Disney situations. “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid became a hilarious song about an unfortunate and stubborn skin rash that just would not go away. “When You Wish Upon A Star” became a song about ditching a terrible ex.

She had the most delightful soprano voice, sitting there, in the back of the bus, playing ukulele.

Life is *Awesome*.


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